Song Review // #Beautiful // The Muffinz

You know what makes a good song? It’s the kind of song that makes you feel like the musician is “telling my whole life with this song.” (- Fugees). You’ll literally hear a piece of music and immediately gravitate towards the sound, the voice, the instrumentation, etc. The third tell-tale is when you play it once, and then, and then again, and again until eventually you can actually replay the whole damn song in your head without hearing it literally.

I’m currently obsessed with a song out from the new album by South African band, The Muffinz. The name of the tune is Beautiful and the title alone already gives some insight into the message behind the catchy upbeat track which has by now, I’m sure, made it onto my most-played playlist on my phone. I haven’t had a listen to their whole new album yet but if Beautiful is anything to go by, I need to get my ears tuned into this second album, Do What You Love, ASAP.

The song is somewhat of a realisation of self-worth; through lyrics like, “your beauty’s innate, all of us different there’s no reason to hate,” the band draws out the importance of defining beauty for oneself against what the world may have already told you. This message, as the song explains, is “for the people in valleys, in the mountains, in the buildings, on the sidewalks, for believers, for the healers, for the children in the ghetto, in the suburbs, in the third-world, in the first world, for the teachers,” – that said, everyone.

The sound of this single is not too far from that of their previous work on the band’s debut album on a song called, S’cela Kuwe. Similarly, both songs lead by up-tempo drum beats followed by perfectly arranged guitar work. The band itself comprises of 1 drummer and 4 guitarists (including a bassist) – all of whom are vocalists as well. Lead vocalist, Atomza, sets the tone for the harmonies that build as the song progresses to funky climax. Much like most music out there today, categorising this song isn’t that easy; there’s a rock element to it, fused with African maskandi, indie and pop elements.

Based on this single, the band’s sound has not so much evolved but grown. The cover art for Do What You Love is an indication of the different space that the band is in compared to Have You Heard – their previous album. They recently commented in a TV interview that they still get requests from fans to perform music from the first album but they would like their audiences to start getting into the new music.

This won’t be too hard of a task, I’m sure, as this album picks up where the previous one left off. Additionally, it brings with it a new energy from the guys that I hope to witness live soon.


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