NewsISH // The News You Never Knew You Knew

There’s a new show on the TV box and guess who made an appearance on the first episode! NEWSish is MTV Base’s brand new daily news round up show hosted by Mantsoe Pout, Mojak Lehoho and a rotating panel of contributors including Nina Hastie, Siya Beyile, Moshe Ndiki, Pharoahfi and Tinashe Venge.

I’d been part of the pre-production for the show since it’s inception – one of the cool things about being part of the MTV Base team is the opportunity to be involved with every production throughout it’s development, so when the director gave me a call to stand in for one of the presenters of the show I wasn’t too nervous about being on camera.

The coolest part was the feedback from my friends and colleagues, which was all positive. Because it was a spur of the moment appearance I didn’t have a chance to make any noise about it so the random messages and calls were a pleasant surprise. It looks like there will be a next time and that’s definitely something I’m looking forward too.

NEWSish airs weekdays at 17:00 C.A.T on MTV Base, this bulletin aired on Monday, 11 June.


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