Vlog Every Day in August // VEDA 2017 // Day 1

Welcome to day 1 of VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August). Today I carpool with my colleague Nzali and I explain to her what VEDA is, why I’m taking part in it and she teaches me about being a social media entrepreneur.

Her handbag business is #BagsByNdzali and if the spirit moves you to check them out or purchase your own, follow her on Instagram (@NdzalamaMashele) or find her on Facebook (Ndzalama Masindi).

With so many social media apps available to us in this day and age, I’ve observed that there’s a level of redundancy and confusion on how to use them. For me, this has inspired a more purposeful use of my online presence. Enter VEDA. For the month of August I will be focused on primarily posting on YouTube, blogs about this and that and my aim is to explore the world of vlogging (which is in my opinion the least tapped into online activity).

If you have any suggestions of topics for me to cover this month on my VEDA videos or want to share your thoughts on the discussion in this video, comment below.


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